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Is Pet Health Insurance worth it?

Much like ourselves, our pets can often find themselves falling victim to a serious illness, accident, or chronic conditions. In the U.S, we all know medical and hospital costs for ourselves can quickly become outrageous and overwhelming. A recent study shows most pet owners estimate lifetime vet costs for a dog of $1,290-$6,445, but the actual number is $5,000 up to $20,000 on average. Even one time surgeries for your dog's accidental broken bone averages $3,700. Pet health insurance is a great way for pet owners to avoid the awful choice of draining their bank account or losing their pet. 

Pet insurance offered by Hadley, Cook, and Quillen covers accidents/injury, illness, hospitalizations, surgeries, dental illnesses, and emergency vet visits for a premium generally ranging between $30-$110 monthly depending on the age, breed, and current health of the animal. There is also an optional coverage for preventive care such as vaccines, physicals, and flea prevention. When the policy is purchased, you have the option to select coverage for 70, 80, or 90 percent coverage for medical bills that are subject to a deductible from $250-$1000. 

A health insurance policy for your pet could be a lifesaver if something were to ever happen to your furry friends. Whether it is necessary or not is up to you, but it never hurts to get a quote just to see if it may be worthwhile. Give us a call or request a contact on our website to get the ball rolling and protect your pets and your finances. 


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