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Why you should use an Independent Agent

We all know customer support these days can be a drawn-out, painful process. These large corporations aren't nearly as concerned with their post-sale experience as they are with their bottom line. Long hold times and language barriers can bring even more frustration to an already bad situation. In the age of the internet, people find it easier and often prefer to fill out questionnaires online and buy their personal lines insurance directly from these large companies. Far too often we have customers coming from Geico, Allstate, The General, etc. who have no idea what is covered or how much coverage they have because these companies aren't concerned with educating their clients. When it comes to getting your internet reconnected or your Amazon order corrected, working with strangers on the phone likely won't have any impact on the grand scheme of things, but with insurance, it is important to have someone knowledgeable whom you trust working on your side. 

Independent Agencies such as, Hadley, Cook, and Quillen, represent these large companies, but provide a buffer between you and them that has many advantages. As a local business, we are sure to take care of all our customers needs because they are often personally referred to us by neighbors, friends, and current customers. We are available around the clock via email, text, or phone call to answer any questions you might have. Agents here at HCQ take pride in educating and assisting their customers in a timely manner with service that simply can't be matched by a corporation. 

While the customer service is great, the biggest advantage to using an Independent Agent is our ability to compare several carriers to find what is right for you. Not only does this help you get the best price, but our agents are well versed in all the unique features that set each of our carriers apart. Even within our agency, if a customer ever finds themselves unhappy with their current situation, we have no problem moving them to one of our other exceptional carriers with just a few signatures. With the best pricing and by far the best service, using an Independent Agent is a no brainer that you will not regret!


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